Hillery Lay is an Eastern Oregon artist painting her contemporary rural life.

Her work is currently shown at Crossroads Carnegie Art Center and Peterson’s Gallery & Chocolatier in Baker City, Oregon. She also participated in Salon: Portland2016, The Studio Visits from the Portland2016 Biennial of Contemporary Art at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in Portland, Oregon.

“There are pauses in life that are special. Small everyday moments spark the desire in me to record those pieces of my life. I trim slices from those times and work to find their depth. My thoughts change as my life happens around these paintings. A small history develops, I react to what I’ve just done, bouncing through connections trying to catch the emotion of a place in time. Each layer in the work is a time to linger, tune in, and place my visual stepping stones. Over time, taken out of context, I’m far removed from the real life moment I enjoyed, yet I gather myself again in the abstract space of my painting practice. I take the time to look and hunt out the light inside the people and animals around me. Every step in the process gives me a deep sense of appreciation for the way I live. To see what is special around me, to actively look for it, and to chase the changing visual emotions, moods, and feelings with my artwork is one of the simple pleasures of my life.”