A month of beer at the Royal Artisan

I’d like to thank Kate Reid at the Royal Artisan in Baker City, Oregon for having me in her gallery as the October featured artist. She has created a beautiful welcoming space I was happy to show my artwork in. There was beer (and wine) served on First Friday and I spoke with so many nice people who were thoughtful and encouraging.


My show is titled, Yes, there was beer. I started these paintings by referencing my mom’s old photographs from horse trail rides with family and friends in the mountains of Eastern Oregon. In my artist statement from the show I talked a little bit about jumping off points this series gave me to move forward with. My Tall Grass Paper-Cuts have grown from this place.


What I mean by Tall Grass is the shape of the clumps of cheat grass growing locally in my high desert climate. I’ve been translating grasses into stencils I freehand cut for many years. I use some sort of grass shape in almost all of my paintings. I currently have four varieties of grass masking symbols I mix and match.   


Creating layers in my paintings requires a lot of work with paper that may not be apparent when viewing a finished piece.  I’ve recently been working on creating a shift with the shape of a painting by using my stenciling/masking shapes.


When I cut stencils from different types of paper with my scissors and X-acto knife I get handmade objects to spray through, trace, reuse, or modify. I like how the Paper-Cuts are bringing my interests in collage, symbol development, and paper work forward.


Grasses used to be small pieces of a whole.  Now they’re front and center as finished paintings. My Paper-Cuts are still very new. I’m working on what they will become.


I wrote more about my developing practice in my Sketchbook here.